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Frequent asked questions


Do you visit each accommodation offered on your website?

We select and visit each accommodation offered on our website. We select the most representative pictures and we add a description of the premises. Our advanced search engine provides a system of selection criteria (sector, number of persons, lift, parking...) to help you make your choice

What does the logo "Exclusive" mean on the accommodation descriptions?

These apartments are fully managed by the firm: linking, reception, inventory of fixtures... Without this logo this is the owner who welcomes you and deals with administrative details. The apartments where are written "exclusifs" are also the only ones who can benefit from the services listed on the website (see page "Our services")

What is the exact address of the accommodation?

The address of your accommodation  is listed in your confirmation email. It is also located on a map of the accommodation description.

Household linen (bed sheets, towels and dishcloth) are provided?

Yes, you will find in our accommodations all the linens needed for each occupant.

What information do you offer about the neighborhood?

The page of the apartment offers a GoogleMap map locating the apartment in his neighborhood. Points of interest are indicated next to the map or in the practice informations.

Can we smoke in the accommodation?

In respect of each other, our accommodations are non smoking

Is there a phone in the accommodation?

Some apartments offer the phone and you will find it in the description of each accommodation. Where it is proposed, generally only national calls and in Europe are free if it is a fixed number. Other calls, pay, are not allowed since the phone of the apartment and will otherwise be charged to the tenant.

Do the accommodations propose an Internet connection?

All apartments have an internet connection.

Is there any products we use in the apartment?

Please take the necessary because you will not necessarily find salt, oil or laundry for example. In our "exclusive" apartments, we will provide you these things to facilitate the beginning of your stay: 40ml shower gel, 40ml shampoo, sponge in your kitchen and toilet paper. Finally, the vast majority of accommodations are located close to shops. This will allow you to complete your everyday products.

Can we visit the accommodation before booking?

In order to not disturb the tenant in place, we do not organize visits (except for rentals of more than 6 months). However, we put several photos for each accommodation to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, photos are taken by Moment 'Apart and we do not hide anything. Remember that the apartments are not ours and we are therefore objective on each accommodation. Feel free to ask us for advice!


How can I book an apartment?

Book your apartment online securely:

1. Enter your dates and number of people, and possibly the area in the search engine. Select an available apartment. The reservation is done from the description of the apartment.
2. Complete the booking form with your personal information.
3. Pay the prepayment by credit card (secure payment) or place a booking option by check or bank transfer

Once payment is received (immediately in the case of online payment), you receive by email confirmation of your booking including all information of stay: accommodation address, contact person, the price, rental agreement (for “Exclusif” accommodations)...

Is my reservation directly confirmed?

Yes, your reservation is directly confirmed after your payment by credit card. You will then receive by email a confirmation of your reservation that you used to a rental agreement.

However, in the case of payment by bank transfer or check, the option of booking will be lifted beyond the 5th day without reception by Moment’ Apart of the check or confirmation of the transfer.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

If you want to add nights you can do it from your tenant login area on our website. It is possible only if the apartment is free at this period. You can also cancel the booking in this login area. Please note that in case of cancellation no money will give back and Moment' Apart or the owner car ask the tenant to pay the balance of the rent (with a maximum equivalent to one month's rent). Contact us in such a case, we will try to find a solution together.

We can not transfer to another accommodation. This is considered a cancellation.

More information in our terms of tenancy.

Is an invoice or receipt provided for my rental?

Yes, you can download your invoice 24h after your booking in your tenant login area.

Why can not I make a reservation more than 6 months in advance?

We can not cash out more than 6 months in advance. On the other hand, you can quite put a reservation option by sending a check for the amount of the prepayment. It will not be cashed immediately. Contact us to make your reservation.

At which name do I have to put the rental agreement?

You have to put the name of the person who will occupy the accommodation and who will be responsible for the rental. This must be a natural person. When you book online you can inform your comany name and address if you need an invoice for your company.


Is the credit card payment secured?

Moment 'Apart offers a simple and secure solution to pay your booking and full payment (if  “Exclusif” apartments) of your stay:

• The information entered by the user are encrypted via the secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
• The request for payment authorization to the issuing bank for each transaction is systematic
• We do not store credit card data of customers

What kind of payments are accepted to pay the prepayment?

Credit cards (VISA, Master Card and American Express ), check in euros and bank transfer are accepted.

The balance on arrival can be payed by credit card?

Only the accommodations with the logo "Exclusifs" authorize full payment by credit card online before your arrival.
The means of payment accepted for the payment of the balance are indicated in the description of each accommodation.

When is refunded the deposit?

When returning the keys, a control of the apartment is made and if no damage is found, the deposit is returned within 3 weeks. In the event of deterioration or damage, the repair cost will be deducted from your deposit and only the balance (if any) will be refunded. The time of refund will depend on the extent of damage, but remain less than 60 days

Do we have to pay a tourist tax?

Yes, it will be added at the total amount of your stay during your booking online


How to go to the apartment?

The exact address of the apartment is indicated in the confirmation email.

Where do we receive the keys?

The appointment is at the apartment. The owner or his representative Moment 'Apart will welcome you at the time which you indicated when booking (see confirmation email).

It is essential that you provide us with your personal space on the website any change to it until 24h before you arrival. In case of unforeseen delay on the same day, notify as soon as possible your contact person (indicated in the confirmation email) so that it is reorganizing.

Any late change or delay may result an extra.

How to pay the balance on arrival?

Only the accommodations with the logo "Exclusifs" authorize full payment (deposit + balance) by CB online before your arrival.
The means of payment accepted for payment of the balance are indicated on the description of each apartment
If you need an invoice / receipt for the balance on arrival, thank you to inform us.

When should I arrive?

Arrivals are between 17h30 and 20h for “Exclsuifs” apartments. For others, you will be received directly by the owner. The schedules are indicated in the accommodation description.
The arrival time is given during your booking and is reminded in your e-mail confirmation.
This hour must be given carefully. You can always change it from your personal space until 48 hours before arrival. You can also call your contact person if your arrival must be done outside these hours.
An extra may be requested in these cases.

Where can I park my car?

Some apartments have a parking, it is so specified in the accommodation description.
Otherwise, it is possible to park in some streets (Lille and its surrounding cities) for free or after 19:00 and until 9:00 in the morning in the pay streets.
Feel free to contact us for more information about this.


Is it possible to have a cleaning service?

In the apartments with the "Exclusive" logo , you can order services (see page "Our Services" ) during your stay with an extra.

This request must be made ??online at the time of booking or during the stay from your tenant login area.

For apartments without the logo, please contact us.

What do I have to do if something goes wrong with my accommodation?

If there is a problem with your accommodation or any damage, contact as soon as possible your contact person. The phone number is on your booking confirmation mail.


At what time is planned the departure?

Departures are planned according to hours indicated in the accommodation description. The departure time is given during your booking and reminded in your e-mail of confirmation.

This hour must be given carefully. You can always change it from your personal space until 48 hours before. You can also call your contact person if your departure must be done outside of these hours.

An extra may be requested in these cases.

Should I clean the accommodation?

Yes, the accommodation must be returned in original condition. Therefore, you have to do the cleaning, empty the trash, do the dishes and tidy up.

However, the cleaning of linen is not charged to the tenant.

If you do not want to clean, you can order this option with your contact person in the case of our non-exclusive apartments or order it on our website from your tenant login area for the exclusive apartments. This option does not evade you to do the dishes and put it away and empty the fridge-freezer and cupboards of all the food.

What I have to do with the keys the day of the departure?

EXCLUSIF Apartments: See the departure procedure that was sent to you by email on the day of arrival (last page).
OTHER Apartments: The owner or his representative will collect the keys and make the inventory of fixtures with you.